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Dependent’s Pension Affidavit for Children of Elias Oxford
Dependent’s Pension Affidavit for Children of Elias Oxford

The document below was moved along by the older brother of Elias Oxford. Private Elias Oxford had been in Confederate custody beginning October 1, 1861 through his release at the docks of the James River May 11, 1862.  Upon release, Elias, was treated for typhus at the Patent Hospital (Now the National Portrait Gallery just a couple blocks north of the National Archives).  His prisoner comrade, and 20th Indiana band member, drummer John H. Andrew stuck by his side til the bitter end – which came quickly on may 18th.  Elias was in the ground at Solder”s Home Cemetery by May 19th, his headstone one of the first placed, in easy view from the fence.  President Abraham Lincoln would saunter by that fence and that stone later that Summer on his horse, retreating to the cottage on the grounds.  There, and but a skipping-stone’s throw away from Elias’ grave President Lincoln penned the brief words of the Emancipation Proclamation later that Summer of 1862.

This is one of many revelatory documents in Elias’ Pension file.   I will in a few days lay before the reader a transcript of the actual document put together under the hand of Elias’ older brother John, a farmer, who had the best interests of Elias’s “legitimate children” at heart.  We must read without judgment those things which preceded us bu 150+ years.  I am  including the color scans of the originals.

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