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Walker Goins – Free Person of Color

This CDV is of Walker Goins, husband of Mary Jane Middlebrooks Goins.  Mary Jane was the sister of Jesse Goins. Jesse was my maternal grandmother Lula Cook Wilder’s great-grandfather. Mary Jane’s maiden name was also Goins. Walker and Mary Jane, and Jesse and Evaline Goins (my third-great-grandparents) migrated from the growing pressure against free persons [...]

Doctor Craig Goins – Faith Healer

Here is a photo of Doctor Craig “DC” Goins and wife Rebecca Fox Goins. They are related to my Wilder family in two ways. “DC” is either a cousin or uncle to Jesse and Mary Jane Middlebrooks Goins (I’ll work on clarification – but I wanted to show this great pic right away!). Most immediately, [...]

Jedediah Cleveland Grave – Revolutionary War Vet

Here is an article showing that the grave of my ancestor, Jedediah Cleveland, of Onondaga, NY, was identified by the Daughters of the American Revolution in 1931.  So, if any of us Oxford/Clemence men are interested in joining the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), or you ladies, the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), [...]

Below is a reference I have found which notes Private Jedediah Cleveland’s (Cleaveland) service in the Revolutionary War. p. 174, ” In memory of | Dea. Jedediah Cleaveland, | who diedSept. | 28, 1831, aged 72 years. | Soul of the just companion of | the dead |Where is thy home, & whether | art [...]

Welch Family Migration West during California Gold Rush

The personal account of my great-grandfather Chalie Welch’s uncle, Chales Edwin Welch, concerning  his early life in Maine, his father’s trip to the California Gold Fields, and his own travel there at the age of 14, and more. This is followed by an account of his wife,Sarah, which also provides relevant family information. SOURCE: “History [...]

Charles O. Welch’s Family Migration West – The Gold Rush

Here are some additional facts regarding my great-grandfather Charlie Welch’s father Benjamin F. Welch and his family.   I now understand why Charlie’s father Benjamin was in Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington when he died April 5, 1906. SOURCE: The birth of Sterling, Washington territory, Chapter 1, Jesse Beriah Ball & his daughter, Emma By Noel [...]