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Henry Levi Dorton – Revolutionary War Pension Deposition – A Transcription

I previously posted Henry Dorton’s Revolutionary Pension Deposition (completed in 1834, retroactive to 1831).  However, I thought a transcript of the document would be helpful given the difficulty of reading the old script.  That transcript is below. The handwritten Revolutionary War Pension statement of my maternal grandmother Lula Cook Wilder’s third-great-grandfather, Henry Levi Dorton.  He [...]

Margaret J. Wilder Welch Naylor – Death Certificate 1923

Received the Death Certificate of my great-grandmother, Margaret Wilder Welch, today from North Dakota.  She was the mother of my grandfather, Francis “Frank” Xavier Welch.  His last name was later changed when he was adopted by Margaret’s father, Frank Wilder “Sr.” After a short marriage to Charles Olonzo Welch, Margaret remarried an older man, James [...]

Anna Foster Berry Welch – Death Certificate 1940″

I received the North Dakota Death Certificate for my g-g-grandmother, Anna Foster Berry Welch.  Her son, Charles Olonzo Welch, and my great-grandmother, Margaret J. Wilder, were the parents of my maternal grandfather, Francis “Frank” Xavier Welch.  His name was later changed to Wilder when his maternal grandfather adopted him. This Death Certificate has provided information [...]

Frank Wilder-Esther Carlson Marriage – 1926

The second (and possibly third) wife of Frank Wilder Sr. was Esther Carlson, the daughter of Swedish immigrants to Duluth, Minnesota.  Esther, with her young daughter, was the housekeeper for Frank, whose first wife, Julia Barber Wilder, had passed away in 1919.  Below is the transcription of the Certificate of Marriage shown here. This is [...]

Revolutionary War Veteran Richard Biddlecome

Richard Biddlecome (1760-1835) was my grandfather Herschol Oxford’s third-great grandfather on his mother’s side. Biddlecome was a Revolutionary War Veteran and served with a Vermont Militia between 1779-1781 in Fletcher’s Regiment.  Biddlecome later migrated west to Indiana. He was buried in West Lebanon Cemetery in Hardin County, Indiana.  The monument shown here was erected by [...]

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Today I am listening to the audiobook, JOHN ADAMS, by David McCullough – read by Ed Herrmann. Loving it.   I have a crush on Abigail Adams that I am trying to shake!

The Great Migration Newsletter, January-March 2009, Vol. 18, No. 1 – A great publication from the New England Historic Genealogical Society with some enlightening background on Anne Hutchinson and Rev. John Wheelwright (grandfather of Col. John Wheelwright) and their banishment from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Anne was Rev. Wheelwright’s sister-in-law. I particularly enjoy discovering more [...]