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Columbia Jail POW Transfers from the Richmond Tobacco Warehouses – November 1861
Columbia Jail POW Transfers from the Richmond Tobacco Warehouses – November 1861

A list compiled from the 1861 appendix of the journal of NY Congressman Alfred Ely of Rochester, who was an prisoner in Richmond after being captured in the retreat at Bull Run ion July 1861.   This list I’ve compiled below identifies the Richmond Tobacco Warehouse prisoners transferred to Columbia, SC, in November 1861.  The Richland County Jail, aka Columbia Military Prison, in downtown Columbia, became home for hundreds of Union men until the city was later burned.

Included in this number were a number of the men captured aboard the Gunboat Fanny or at Chicamacomico, including Elias Oxford.

Lanman, Charles, ed. Journal of Alfred Ely, A Prisoner of War in Richmond. New York: D. Appleton and Co., 1862.

2 Maine

Co. A

D. B. Nason

Co. I

Dennis Mahoney

4th Maine

Co. H

H. B. Washburn

Co. I

D. Matthews

2 N.H.

Co. F

R. F. Stephenson

Co. I

R. F. Stevens

Co. K

L. Allen

2 Vermont

Co. B

J. Bolton

9th Mass

Co. A

Thomas Ives

1st Rhode Island

Co. I

John F. Task

2nd R. I.

Co. F

John Newell

2nd Light Battery (R. I. )

H. Goldsmith

2nd Conn.

Co. K

James McCauley

9th NY

Co. C

Cpl. J. H. Tuttle

J. V. H. Page

T. S. Rowan

J. R. Havens

Co. G

Cpl. G. Edward

W. H. Edsall

Co. H

Frank Trotter

Co. I

John Reith

11th NY

Co. B

Richard Baker

Co. C

John Merrish

Ira Wilson

John Stacy

Co. F

Alfred Flostroy

William Girvan

P. B. Gerraghy

Co. H

Ed Walker

William Morrison

C. W. Anderson

John Shea

Co. K

James McGarr

John R. Decker

12th NY

Co. Co. K

H. O’Brien

13th NY

Co. C

John Merrish*

Co. H

William Morrison

14th NY

Co. D

Augustus Ticknal

Co. E

S. H. Richardson

Co. H

F. F. Linan

25th NY

Co. D

  1. B. Mitchell

27th NY

Co. A

Levi Barrett

Co. I

J. Andrews

Judson Oliver

Peter Thompson

38th NY

Co. I

John Gumbalton

William Phelan


Co. C

W. H. Cunningham* 9th

Co. D

John D. Jackson

Co. E

Michael Keating

James Ryan

Co. I

John Carson* 9th

71st NY

Co. F

J. W. Bowers

Co. H

John Carson


Co. H

William Black

Co. K

Robert Burnes

79th NY

Co. 8th

William Black

1st Kentucky

Co. I

Thomas Van Fleet

2nd Kentucky

Co. F

James Farlay

9th Virginia

Co. E

Thomas C. Carr

7th Ohio

Co. E

James Stinson

9th Ohio

Co. A

Charles Kern

Co. G

D. Dougherty * 9th NY

10th Ohio

Co. C

James Peters

11th Ohio

Co. A

James Mahan

Robert Walsh

Lewis Brossey

13th Ohio

Co. C

Christopher Bryon

William Loyd

W. R. Wolfkill

Isaac Ward

Co. D

V. W. Peck

36th Ohio

Co. A

T. Rammage

10th Indiana

Co. F

William Neagle

14th Indiana

Co. G

Sgt. E. W. Redding

15th Indiana

Co. F

Pat Kildy

Thomas Spoonmore

Co. I

John Wilson

20th Indiana

Sgt-Maj Charles H. Comley

Sutler’s Clerk H. Watson

Co A

W. H. Dangerfield

Co. C

Sgt. M. L. Kennard

2nd Lt. Henry A. Uruh

William Stickley

Abraham Obelner

Co. D

Nathan Brady, Cook

Robert Ingless

Washington Probest

Francis M. Glover

G. W. Clarke

Captain’s Boy George W. Gerber

Co. E

G.M Parker

L. Ruff

L. H. Reily

Charles E. Jones

Ely Schneider

Co. F

John Commigare

H. C. Wilkerson

Co. G

Charles M. Goss

Co. H

T. C. Kearns

James Clayton

John H. Andrews

Elias Oxford

F. F. B. Persons

F. B. Sackett

Jacob Shoff

Christopher Shrack

  1. Van Horn

M. P. Wendell

L. L. Bennett

Co. I

Sgt. T. M. Bartlett

Sgt. C. W. Dexmott

Henry Pearsall

Jacob Rice

John Jones

H. B. Johnson

Napoleon Baum

Paul Bernhard

John Berringer

John Drury

Joseph Caffer, Cook

Co. K

Captain E. W. Keefer

Michael Kasper

Noah Kelley

J. B. Smith

30th Indiana

Co. F

Joseph Maddox* 20th

Co. H

J. R. Marks

Co. I

John Muster* 20th

1st Michigan

Co. A

Michael Kaufman

Co. K

M. Moore

1st Minnesota

Co. B

H. Krone

2nd Wisconsin

Co. F

John Anderson

Co. K

W. H. Martin

3rd US Army Regiment Infantry

C. Nosida

Co. D

Lewis Richland

? 2nd Regiment

Co. C

Thomas Wyman

US Navy

Sailor William Barnes

Benjamin Majo

Timothy Murphy

Dennis Caughlin

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