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Jedediah Cleveland Grave – Revolutionary War Vet
Jedediah Cleveland Grave – Revolutionary War Vet

Here is an article showing that the grave of my ancestor, Jedediah Cleveland, of Onondaga, NY, was identified by the Daughters of the American Revolution in 1931.  So, if any of us Oxford/Clemence men are interested in joining the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), or you ladies, the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), here is one of several of our ancestors you can reference as Revolutionary War Veterans.

1931 Syracuse Newspaper Story About DAR Marking Graves of 595 Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Onondaga County

(The following transcribed newspaper article is dated: 28 JUN 1931.)

“Marking of Revolutionary War Graves By D.A.R. Signals Start of Campaign to Identify 595 in Onondaga County.”

Newspaper Article located in the “Syracuse Herald,” Sunday Morning, June 28, 1931, Section 3, pages 3 and 9.

“Mrs. W. L. POTTER, left, and Mrs. Leon E. BUSHNELL, regents, of General Asa DANFORTH, and To-whan-to-qua Chapters, Daughters of American Revolution, who are in charge of a co-operative program having for its aim the marking of all graves of Revolutionary soldiers buried in Onondaga County….

In Oran Cemetery are graves of Asa BARNS, Phineas BARNS, Joseph BARTHOLOMEW, Daniel CANDOR, Jedediah CLEVELAND, Isaac DELEMETER, Stephen EATON, Ashebel GRIDLEY, Elizah GRIDLEY, Francis HALE, Noah PALMER, Aaron PARKINSON, Capt. Enos PECK, David SCOVILLE, Jonathan BUELL, Daniel DUNHAM, Thomas FOSTER, Joseph HART, Samuel MORRIS, Elisha THOMAS, John WHITE, Job WILLIAMS, Ebenezer WRIGHT and Calvin SPRAGUE.

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