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Margaret Jane (WILDER) WELCH NAYLOR – 1882 Michigan Birth Record
Margaret Jane (WILDER) WELCH NAYLOR – 1882 Michigan Birth Record

My sister, Sue, has also done a considerable amount of family research over the years on our Wilder family.  She mentioned to me via Facebook recently that she had a birth record for our great-grandmother Margaret Wilder.  However, she noted, as she recalled, it didn’t contain much useful information.  Well, as she was locating that record this week, I began browsing the beta records site of and found online birth and death records for Michigan that previously I couldn’t find – including actual images of the original record books.  Very quickly, I was looking at the 1882-3 records from which was compiled the sparse birth certificate my sister obtained for her genealogical files.  And yes, it was indeed brief:

Return of Births in the County of Tuscola for the Year Ending December 31st, A.D. 1882

367   Apr 17   ” [1882] F  ” [White]  Juniata [Birthplace]//

Frank Wilder  ”   ”  [Juniata - Residence]  ” [Michigan - Birth Place of Each] ” [Farmer]  June 16, 1883 [Date of Record]

Julia                                                                        ”

Sparse, but no less important, and helps to confirm data in other documents, not only for Margaret, but also for her parents.  Definitely footnoted on the Family Group Sheet.

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